chaises jardin charles X

Elégante suite de six chaises de jardin Charles X Mauresque

Elégante suite de six chaises de jardin de style Charles X, fabrication artisanale. Elles sont en fer forgé, battu à la forge et récemment garnis de bois. Hauteur 83cm, hauteur assise 44 cm, largeur 41 cm, profondeur 40 cm.

For our English-speaking friends
Antique suite of 6 chairs in wrought iron all hand working with wooden sitting and back made around 1900. The wooden parts are new but fixed as the original. They measure 32"5/8 tall overall 17"1/4 sitting high 16"1/8 width 15"3/4 depth. In some days we will sale 4 armchairs with the same shape.

1 760 €

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