Henriot Quimper Bol

Bol Henriot Quimper

Bol Henriot Quimper de 30 ans d'age. Le Breton, en costume traditionnel, est peint à la touche et tient à la main sa quenouille à filer le lin. Sur le fond marque du peintre et de la manufacture. Parfait état. Diamètre 12,5 cm.

For our English-speaking friends
This beautiful Henriot Quimper bowl has been made during the 70's. It has a drawing of a boy in her garden on the inside with great color: pink, green and blue and a thin line of orange around the inside. The man has been spinning flax from a distaff. With name painted of outside. This bowl is signed Henriot Quimper France, and drawer marks. It measure 5" in diameter not counting the handles and it is 2"1/2 tall. It is perfect no chips, no cracks.

20 €

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